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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kiss everlasting French Manicure

I got my first VoxBox from Influenster recently. For those of you who do not know about Influenster or about their amazing VoxBox's, let me explain. You go to Influenster.com and answer surveys. These surveys qualify you for VoxBoxes. The VoxBoxes have products inside that you get to try for free and review. I will definitely be doing a review on all the products in the amazing box but first I would like to pick out one in particular.

Inside the box was a set of Kiss Everlasting French Manicure Nails that I can only describe as nothing more than AHHMAZING! I'm not a fan of artificial nails because I have had bad experiences in the past but Kiss Everlasting French Manicures have absolutely changed my mind.

In the past I have had manicures that absolutely have destroyed my original nails or have looked so unnatural that I would take them off after a few hours. My original nails are normally long and I just shape them and clear coat them but Kiss changed that. Kiss Everlasting French Manicure was not only natural looking but it did not damage my original nail. This was pleasantly surprising to me.

The package comes with everything you need to give yourself an amazing manicure. There are 12 different sizes of nails within the pack so that it makes fitting your original nail a piece of cake. The artificial nail comes with a tab on it so that you can also place it yourself with no help from others. They include an emery board in case you need to do and sanding or shaping but I can guarantee that you won't need it as much as  you would think. The tabs break off almost even with the end of the nail. They also add the glue needed to adhere the artificial nail to your original nail. Kiss absolutely thought of everything when they packaged this product. 

I hadn't applied artificial nails for over 10 years. This set made it very easy for those who were out of practice or had never applied artificial nails. You simply add the glue generously to your nail and to the artificial nail. Then you align the artificial nail with your cuticle and press down. You add a slight amount of firm pressure for a second and then the nail is set. All you have to do is break off the tab and sand if needed.

All in all, I think I am in love with this product. I never really thought I would actually find a brand of artificial nails that I like but these proved me wrong. Now I will know what I will be buying for all my fancy occasions. One tip I will give is to make sure you add enough glue. I made the rookie mistake of not putting enough on the first nail I applied and an air bubble shown slightly underneath the nail.

Seriously guys, go try these nails! I can't rant enough on how much you will love these! They have them in other styles and even French pedicures for those who like their little piggies looking fabulous!

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