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Hi there, I am Ashley. I am an artist, an avid reader and writer, and I love product testing for several websites including BzzAgent, Influenster, Crowdtap, Smiley360 and Pinchme. I also help many angel loss moms through You Are My Sunshine Loss Support. You can find that blog on Blogger as well.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Spring Fling VoxBox!!!

Okay guys! Here it is! I'm so excited to tell you about the amazing products that I got in the recent Spring Fling VoxBox from Influenster for testing purposes.

First I want to start you off with a video so that you can get an idea of how it came and what was inside.

Now that you have got the idea of the who, what, when, where, why, and how, I just want to give you the full scoop on each product.

Let's start off with the Kiss Everlasting French Manicure. You can find this awesome kit at your local Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Kmart, Rite-Aid, and Target. They generally cost about $6.49 but I have seen them on sell for under $5!!! Can you imagine a natural looking manicure that costs less that $5? That blew my mind. They look and feel so natural on you that people will be asking you how you grew your nails so beautifully. I had several people comment on mine. They are easy to apply and last for a decent amount of time. The glue doesn't do any damage to your original nail and the artificial nail does not chip. I would seriously recommend these to any girl who doesn't want her nails ruined by going to get a french tip manicure done.

Next we will go into Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara. You can find this at any big box store or pharmacy as well. It will cost you approximately $5.99 but it is well worth it. The applicator is sloped inward so that it makes perfect application of the mascara. It stays on for quite a while and doesn't seem to run when sweating or crying. The Retro look has come back in and this mascara surely helps to achieve that 60's vibe. Throw on some Rimmel London red lipstick and Austen Powers may be headed your way, yeah, baby, yeah!! I personally use this mascara in my everyday regimen. I think it is my new favorite go to.

While in the process of beautifying yourself, try the NIVEA Skin Firming Hydration Lotion. I love this stuff. It isn't highly oily or perfumey while it does hydrate and firm your skin within two weeks. You can also find this product where the other two products are sold at about $2.49/2.5 oz or $10.99/13.5 oz. Nivea lotions have always been a great product to me. As you can tell in the video above. If you would like to try a sample, here is a link for you.

Another product every Spring girl should try is Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons. Just like the other products, you will find this product at a pharmacy or big box store. It will cost you about $3.99-$4.99. These have 360 degree protection that promises leak and odor protection. These are specifically for girls who are very active but I have to admit that the leak protection is great for all women. I actually like the protection. If you want a coupon for the tampons, here is a link for you!

After getting all glammed up with the other products, consider throwing a Labor Day Movie party with your favorite girls. It is now on Blue, DVD &Digital HD for $19.99. I won't spoil the details for those who haven't watched it but I will say that it is a touching love story that has a great meaning behind it... oh and let's not forget the peach pie!!

I seriously hope you all go out and try each of the products and experience them for yourself. They are all amazing products and deserve a try. Thanks, Influenster, for a chance to try each of the products.

Kiss everlasting French Manicure

I got my first VoxBox from Influenster recently. For those of you who do not know about Influenster or about their amazing VoxBox's, let me explain. You go to Influenster.com and answer surveys. These surveys qualify you for VoxBoxes. The VoxBoxes have products inside that you get to try for free and review. I will definitely be doing a review on all the products in the amazing box but first I would like to pick out one in particular.

Inside the box was a set of Kiss Everlasting French Manicure Nails that I can only describe as nothing more than AHHMAZING! I'm not a fan of artificial nails because I have had bad experiences in the past but Kiss Everlasting French Manicures have absolutely changed my mind.

In the past I have had manicures that absolutely have destroyed my original nails or have looked so unnatural that I would take them off after a few hours. My original nails are normally long and I just shape them and clear coat them but Kiss changed that. Kiss Everlasting French Manicure was not only natural looking but it did not damage my original nail. This was pleasantly surprising to me.

The package comes with everything you need to give yourself an amazing manicure. There are 12 different sizes of nails within the pack so that it makes fitting your original nail a piece of cake. The artificial nail comes with a tab on it so that you can also place it yourself with no help from others. They include an emery board in case you need to do and sanding or shaping but I can guarantee that you won't need it as much as  you would think. The tabs break off almost even with the end of the nail. They also add the glue needed to adhere the artificial nail to your original nail. Kiss absolutely thought of everything when they packaged this product. 

I hadn't applied artificial nails for over 10 years. This set made it very easy for those who were out of practice or had never applied artificial nails. You simply add the glue generously to your nail and to the artificial nail. Then you align the artificial nail with your cuticle and press down. You add a slight amount of firm pressure for a second and then the nail is set. All you have to do is break off the tab and sand if needed.

All in all, I think I am in love with this product. I never really thought I would actually find a brand of artificial nails that I like but these proved me wrong. Now I will know what I will be buying for all my fancy occasions. One tip I will give is to make sure you add enough glue. I made the rookie mistake of not putting enough on the first nail I applied and an air bubble shown slightly underneath the nail.

Seriously guys, go try these nails! I can't rant enough on how much you will love these! They have them in other styles and even French pedicures for those who like their little piggies looking fabulous!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tree of Life Polymer Clay Pendant

Hi guys. Here is a quick tut video on polymer clay Tree of Life Pendants. It is very simple and quick. I also show you how to use eye shadow instead of mica powders such as Pearlex to color your polymer clay.

Many people go out and buy Pearlex or other products similar to that. They are GREAT products. I do like them tremendously. Not only are they great for coloring polymer clay but they are great in resin jewelry, scrapbooking and card making. However, they are very expensive. When I am out of the mica powders and can't afford them, I buy a cheap set of eye shadows in metallic colors. It works the same way on the polymer clay as the Pearlex and other mica powders do.

For those who love jewelry and polymer clay, you can also check out my other YouTube channel, Sweet Dreams Charms. All the DIY Tuts from Sweet Dreams Charms will be available here on the My Random life blog.

Tie Die/Watercolor Backgrounds for Cards

Hi my random friends! I just wanted to share a neat little technique you can use to create a watercolor background effect for cards. All you need is some washable markers, a spray bottle of water, and a stamp block. All the details are in the video below.

It is really simple and easy and makes very interesting patterns on your card. Also, the great thing is, no card is exactly the same.

I hope you enjoy the video below and come back to check for more videos soon. Have a great and random day.

I Just Joined Smiley360

I Just Joined Smiley360

As you all know, I love product testing. I just joined Smiley 360 and must admit I like what I'm seeing. After a few missions, I will update you guys on my opinion of the site. Right now, go check it out yourself and see what you think.

I personally love the layout myself. It's eye catching and easy to use. Sharing with other social media sites are really easy as well. Like I said, run on over there and check it out. The link is above. :D

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mason Jar Pencil Sharpener

Hi guys! Randomly, how are you? Today I decided to make a mason jar pencil sharpener for the studio today. Here is a little video on how to make it.

Mason Jar Pencil Sharpener: http://youtu.be/0TQceCu6Png

You will need:
-A mason jar
-A lid ring
-A lid
-A drill/rotary (Dremel) tool with a drill/rotary bit to make a hole through the lid
-A metal washer with a hole large enough to match up with the pencil sharpener hole.
-a hand held pencil sharpener
-Hot glue gun and glue
-Exacto knife
-A piece of cardstock (optional)

Optional decorations should be done first:
A. Lay the lid on the cardstock and trace around it. Cut out the circle from the cardstock. Make sure you cut a little bigger than the traced circle.
B. Center the washer in the middle of the circle of cardstock.  Trace around the outer side of the washer and use the Exacto Knife to cut out the traced washer circle. When the sharpener is finished, this will just rest in between the lid and ring when it is screwed onto the mason jar.

How to make the actual pencil sharpener:
1. Place washer on top of jar lid. Center it so that the hole in the washer is in the center of the lid. Mark where the hole is as this will be where your pencil will go through the lid. Remove the washer and drill out the hole in the jar lid.
2. After drilling, glue the washer on top of the jar lid so that the hole in the washer and the hole in the lid line up.
3. Now flip the lid over and glue the pencil sharpener to the bottom of the lid. The hole in the lid should line up with the hole in the pencil sharpener where the pencil will go.
4. Now, hot glue around the edges of the sharpener, except where the shavings come out, so that the glue will hold the sharpener to the lid when the pencil is being twisted.
5a. (Optional) place the cut out cardstock on top of lid. The washer should slide through the hole in the cardstock.
5b. Put the lid on the jar with the washer facing upward. Screw the ring on the jar and viola... you have a mason jar pencil sharpener.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Upcycling For Organization

Hi there guys and gals of the random interweb!! This is going to be my first really random post. 

Today I woke up in a very constructive mood. After looking all over Youtube for a good project to start on, I began watching one of my favorite Youtubers, thefrugalcrafter. She has amazing tutorials on watercolor paintings. I love it. I was actually looking for some watercolor inspiration but what I found was even better!

Anyways, she does a series called Ask A Crafter(click to go to the video). In the recent video, someone had asked about upcycling tin cans. She showed one that she had decorated and added wire to hang craft supplies. This got my motor running. 

My computer/ drawing desk in my studio has seemed a bit cluttered in the past week and I have been trying to find a way to remove the clutter. I had been saving green bean and corn cans for a while now. I have a hoarding issue. I can't help myself. I also have an awesome boyfriend who brought me a really eclectic coat rack/mantle that someone was going to throw away. Obviously genius struck when I realized that I had all these things.

I ran to my studio, which is in my house, and drug out my cans. I had plenty enough for each peg on the coat rack. My hoarding had paid off! I hung the mantle/coat hanger on the wall and began working on my cans. 

Next I removed the silly labels and replaced it with decorative and pretty scrap book paper. I cut the scrap book paper at 4" x 10.5" strips. This gives enough overlap to glue with a glue stick. I wrapped it tight and glued down the overlapping top.

I must give a shout out to We R Memory Keepers for this paper. It is a 12" x 12" 24 sheet pack called Nonsense. It had very bright and beautiful colors and patterns that I couldn't pass up. The green is the back of the Nonsense-Zig Zag and the blue paisleys are Nonsense-Ding Dong. 

After attaching the paper, I wrapped the top in twine and hot glued it down. (Please note, that this is what I had but you could do it with ribbon, rope, or yarn.) I left a loop of twine for it to hang on the pegs and made sure that my knots were secure and glued so that they wouldn't come undone. Gluing the knots are optional but it does help when you have heavy things hanging in them.

Once the glue cooled and dried and after I tested the twine at the top, I began filling it with all my desk cluttering randomness. On top of the mantle, I placed bigger things that wouldn't fit in my upcycled cans.

 So far, I am pretty pleased with how much room I have on my desk and how functional and eye pleasing that the cans and coat hanger turned out. After adding my Blog Schedule board and what other things I need close to my computer, I feel like I have a beneficial social media work space. 

I hope this has inspired you to upcycle products around your house that may give you some random organization. Please go check out thefrugalcrafter and subscribe to her. Her videos are amazing. Also check out We R Memory Keepers and all their neat crafting products. Have a randomly happy day, guys. and check back soon for more random crafting and product testing greatness. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

The beginning of randomness!!!!

Howdy to all you random people out there! Welcome to my random life!

I hope you all are doing well in the random and vast outer space of the world wide web. I hope your own random life is going in a randomly happy direction! I know what you are thinking, "ENOUGH WITH THE RANDOMS YOU CRAZY GIRL!" 

Okay, calm down! Geesh! You should know by the name of the blog that it's going to be RANDOM. Hahaha okay, seriously, I will try to keep my randoms at a minimal. 

Anywho, I guess I just wanted to start a blog about all the things that I am interested in and bring forth a collective review and DIY area to the madness that is my life. 

Here is a few examples of my chaotic life. I am an artist, crafter, jewelry maker, and polymer clay artist. I am an avid reader and writer. I like all things books. I am even guilty of making my own books. I love to cook and try new recipes. I love doing product testing for #BzzAgent and giving my most honest opinion on the product. I love music in all sounds and forms. I am interested in sci fi and fantasy. I won't lie, I'm a geek. I love fan-domes. Walking Dead, vampires and werewolves, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, anything to do with medieval times, Dungeons and Dragons. I am addicted to Puzzles and Dragons. Who is with me? Shew, that game takes up a lot of my time. And to add to all that, I'm a mail artist with a major pen pal addiction. I love getting things in the mail! 

So pretty much, to tie all that random info together, this will be a place where I review things like products, tv shows, books, or games. I will also try to add some tutorials on how to make things. I will be sharing some of the awesome mail art I get from my pen pals. Hopefully you all will enjoy the craziness and join in. 

Thanks for your time. Hope you come back soon and see all the random things I have going.