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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Listerine's Ultraclean Floss Review

I recently got to try Listerine's Ultraclean Floss for free in return for my honest opinion thanks to Crowdtap. I'm going to seriously say this is the best floss I have ever used. 

Random Story Time! When I was younger, my brother and I would fight like cats and dogs. I had a daybed at the time. He got mad at me for a reason unremembered now. He unscrewed one of the metal decorative balls off the daybed posts and chucked it as hard as he could at me. Whap! My upper left front tooth broke in half. I had to get a crown made. Since then, thread based floss gets stuck on a partial crown and leaves threads stuck. What's worse than feeling like you have hair in your mouth? That's exactly what it feels like to have thread from floss stuck between your teeth. I'm always afraid it will rip my cap off as well. 

Listerine's Floss has no thread. It is ribbon shaped that makes it easy to get between even the tightest spaces between teeth. The micro groove technology removes plague with the greatest of ease. It has an amazing minty fresh taste that isn't overpowering but makes your mouth feel fresh. For more information check out the Listerine Website!

This will definitely be a staple in my house. The price isn't bad either. At Walmart, you can pick up a 30 yd roll for $2.47. That will last a while! I would recommend it to all my friends, especially those who have had dental work done. If you need a floss that gets in between teeth easily, removes icky stuff quickly, and won't get stuck on any dental work, I would recommend this floss!

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